Origins & Approach...

The past twenty years have brought startling changes and advances in the world's economies and the way entities in the public and private sectors conduct their efforts. Perhaps more than at any time before, knowledge and innovation are recognized to be among the most critical resources in establishing and maintaining the effectiveness and sustainability of an enterprise. And while the need for and access to information has never been greater, it is often overwhelming or confusing, creating an environment where resources and expectations are difficult to manage.

In sharp contrast to the abundance that characterizes the information age, we believe scarcity to be the greatest challenge confronting our clients. Their time is short. Their objectives may be ambitious but their resources are finite. At Braintree, we understand these challenges. We work with our clients to make sense of it all, empowering them with the right information in the right way and in the right amount.

While Braintree Solution Consulting was formally incorporated in 1998, the Braintree analytical tradecraft and methodology, the principal sources of our distinction, evolved from many years of development within the fields of organization and information management. Braintree has been refining and building upon these efforts, developing methods, products and services that are on the cutting edge of management theory and practice.

At first glance, several of our products and services might appear to be standard practice among consultants — strategic planning, program development, meeting and conference facilitation, feasibility assessments, information systems, policy research, grant-writing and fundraising, and even resource mapping. At Braintree, however, we provide these services in highly distinctive ways. We approach each consulting project with an eye toward discovering and quantifying the natural and artificial "laws" impacting and governing our clients and their larger communities of practice. This fresh perspective often leads to remarkable insights regarding funding sources, programmatic partners, methods of service delivery, evaluation data, the constituencies served, and other variables essential to achieving a firm understanding of the client's enterprise and industry. Our most innovative products and services, such as System Mapping, Functional Budgets, Solution Aggregation, and Knowledge Management Systems were born of our core analytical tradecraft and the experience of working with our clients and partners to address complex problems. Applied simultaneously, our signature products and services act in concert with one another, providing powerful combinations of both familiar and novel ways to accomplish goals.