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Profile of Nicholas (Colin) Newlin
Colin Newlin, Chairman and Chief Project Consultant, provides Braintree's guiding vision as its institutional leader and serves as its lead consultant for nearly every project and client relationship. Prior to forming Braintree in 1998 he worked in the field of management consulting from four divergent perspectives: as a commercial lender to small businesses; as a senior staff member and board member of nonprofit organizations; as the editor of a think tank magazine; and as a policy analyst researching and consulting on various topics within organizational management and socioeconomic development. As a Braintree Consultant, he designs and implements strategic plans, develops and aligns programs and partnerships, creates system and resource maps, and advises clients and partners on courses of action that maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their internal operations and the external impact they seek to make in their communities, be they geographical or topical.

Mr. Newlin advises organizations and elected officials in several U.S. states, cities and territories. A regular instructor for the Duke University Nonprofit Management Program since 1999, he has also served on the faculty of the annual Duke Leadership Institute. Mr. Newlin conceived and designed three courses in the Duke program geared to the needs of nonprofit professionals: Strategic Planning from a Budgetary Perspective, Resource Mapping and Partnerships, and Strategic Partnerships for Organizations. He regularly makes results-oriented presentations on management theory and practice at universities, conferences and symposiums.

Colin Newlin is the founder and President of the Braintree Institute, a nonprofit organization and foundation intermediary formed to marshal research and resources to improve communities of socioeconomic challenge. In addition to several boards and advisory groups, Mr. Newlin serves on the Marketing Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Trinity-Pawling School (New York) and is a Mentor in the Presidential Fellows Program at the Center for the Study of the Presidency.

International interests led to Mr. Newlin's current service as Chair of the District of Columbia chapter of the United Nations Association, an office through which he has hosted a bimonthly lecture series on international affairs since 2000. Mr. Newlin has also been a guest lecturer at the Graduate School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University and is a member of the Council on Emerging National Security Affairs (CENSA) and the Society for International Development.

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